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Working To Make Your Insurance Work For YouWorking To Make Your Insurance Work For You

Working to make your insurance work for you

An injury from a motor vehicle accident not only impacts the life of the victim and the people around them. It also brings into play the victim’s car insurance company, as well as other policies that may be related. It might involve the medical insurance carrier, the responsible driver’s insurance provider, and possibly even the responsible driver’s employer’s insurance provider. How can you know for certain that you are tapping into all available coverage in order to obtain full compensation for you and your family? Only by enlisting the help of a law firm experienced in the reading and interpretation of insurance policies. Before you sign away your rights without the certain knowledge that all applicable sources of recovery have been identified, contact us. We will protect your rights of recovery from all appropriate sources.Insurance Claim denial attorneys

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Our attorneys have over 35 years of combined experience in personal injury cases involving complicated health and auto insurance issues. We know how these companies work and how to obtain the appropriate compensation for you. Over the years, we have developed a solid track record of successfully negotiating settlements and litigating lawsuits. Contact our law firm to see what we can do for you.

Car Insurance Bad Faith Lawyers

When you get injured in an accident, you trust that your health or car insurance company will provide you the compensation you require. This is particularly important in cases where the responsible party is either uninsured or underinsured. In these situations, the ability to collect the damages necessary to move forward with your life is tied to your insurance policy, rather than the responsible party’s company. Unfortunately, it isn’t always the case that your own insurer treats you properly during the course of your uninsured or underinsured motorist claim. When your insurance company fails to cover what they are contractually obligated to cover, and they deny your claim without a reasonable basis for doing so, it may be insurance bad faith. We have been involved in some of the most high profile bad faith cases. Through these experiences, we have learned how to analyze situations in which insurers attempt to treat their insurer inappropriately. Law provides serious consequences for insurers who fail to live up to their responsibilities to their customers. If your claim against your own company has been wrongfully denied, you need help from our lawyers experienced in bad faith matters.Personal injury law

Insurance Dispute Resolution and Litigation Attorneys

Our Law Firm is nationally recognized for our knowledge of bad faith insurance disputes and litigation. We are frequent lecturers and commentators on the topic. We are often consulted by attorneys across the state about these complicated insurance issues. From umbrella policies to excess coverage issues, we have the knowledge you need on your side.

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