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Pedestrian Accidents

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Just as in many car accidents, the primary cause of car-pedestrian accidents and injuries is driver inattention. In 2019, nearly 6,000 pedestrians were involved in a car-pedestrian accident in Texas, and 656 were killed.accident attorneys

Crosswalks are the most dangerous places for pedestrians to be, especially children. Law says that a car driver cannot make a right-hand turn while a pedestrian is in the crosswalk, but few drivers follow that law. Drivers occasionally lose control of a vehicle and drive onto the sidewalk, injuring and killing pedestrians.

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Pedestrians are most often hit in crosswalks by cars going at relatively low speed — although still a dangerous speed for the person walking. This type of collision between a car and a pedestrian causes knee, hip and leg injury. When making a right-hand turn, most drivers look to the left for cars, but many fail to look to the right for pedestrians. Many drivers talking on cell phones are distracted when making turns.

If the pedestrian is a child, or if the pedestrian was hit at a higher speed, head injuries are one of the most serious outcomes. If a pedestrian is thrown onto the hood or a car, strikes a windshield or falls to the ground, traumatic brain injury (TBI) or permanent brain damage is common, and there are many fatal car-pedestrian accidents.

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Pedestrians who are hit by cars may be able to collect insurance money for their medical bills from their own insurance (under PIP) if they have car insurance or live with someone who has car insurance. If they do not have car insurance, the personal injury protection of the person who hit them typically covers their expenses.

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